Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the photographer to ensure all clients are aware and follow the terms and conditions.

We are so happy to have photographers use our farm, Jolene, and the greenhouse to capture that special moment.  Have fun during your shoot, but please respect the following rules. If you would like a pdf file for your clients, please click here. Pricing can be found on our Professional Photography Request Form. We allow up to 3 clients per hour.

Rules for the Farm

  • When booking with Once Upon A Christmas Tree Farm and agreeing to the terms and conditions, photographer(s) and clients agree NOT to hold Once Upon A Tree Farm responsible for any injuries sustained during any photography session. Photographer(s) and clients agree to be financially responsible for any damages caused while on the property.
  • Please be courteous and polite to all farm staff, visitors, and the land.
  • Please leave the farm as you found it. Bring all trash, props, etc. with you when you leave.
  • All animals must be on a leash. Please clean any mess before leaving.
  • Only photograph in your reserved area.
  • Personal vehicles are NOT allowed on the farm grounds. Please park in the dedicated “parking lot”. If you have props, furniture, etc., you’ll need to carry them to the location. If needed, we can help carry the props.
  • No smoking or alcholic beverages are allowed anywhere on the farm.
  • If a photoshoot is booked during business hours, no public area can be closed or blocked off.
  • NO TREES OR FLOWERS can be trimmed, cut, or harvested by the photographer or his/her clients. Full retail price will be owed for any harvested crop.
  • This is a working farm. Be aware. There will be rough and uneven ground, insects (we highly suggest you bring OFF!), mud, holes in the ground, and other hazards.
  • We recommend you wear comfortable closed toe shoes and appropriate farm attire. We understand this is a photoshoot, so use your discretion.
  • Fake snow is not allowed.
  • No professional Santa characters may be on site if the farm is open to the general public.
  • If photos are shared and posted online via social media, Once Upon A Christmas Tree Farm requests a mention and the location tagged on Instagram and Facebook.
  • 50% of all fees are due at time of booking. The remainder is due one week prior to your appointment.  When requested one week in advance of scheduled session, cancellations will be accepted, and a full refund will be issued. No refunds will be given when a cancellation is made less than a week from the scheduled session. This includes cases of inclement weather. However, we will allow a reschedule in the event of inclement weather.
  • Failure to follow these rules will result in removal from the property and without a refund.

Rules for Jolene

  • Please use caution around and in the truck. She is a 1955 Chevy 3100 pickup truck with sharp edges and fragile parts.
  • No climbing/sitting/standing on the hood, roof, and fenders. Maintain a 400lb weight limit on the tailgate. (Two average adults and a couple of kids)
  • Dogs and cats ARE permitted. We LOVE our fur babies and love that you want to include yours in your photos. We just ask that all animals stay in the bed of the truck. No animals are allowed in the cab of the truck. Reminder, all pets must be on a leash.
  • No one is permitted to move the truck.

Rules for the Greenhouse

  • No climbing/sitting/standing on the shelves. Do not lean against or push on the greenhouse.
  • No one is permitted to move the greenhouse.
  • Dogs and cats ARE permitted. We LOVE our fur babies and love that you want to include yours in your photos. Reminder, all pets must be on a leash.

Thank you for choosing Once Upon A Christmas Tree Farm for your photography session! Please let us know if there’s
anything we can do to make this experience special.